Cécile Hartmann
at Hiroshima MOCA

MOCA - Museum of Contemporary Art

A Window to the World - Video Art
August 1 - October 22, 2017

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« Y he aquí la luz »
(Et voici la lumière)

Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia, Bogotá

April 07 to July 24 2017

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Alors nos yeux se dessillent : Cécile Hartmann

Texte publié dans Y he aquí la luz (Et voici la lumière), cat. expo., Museo de Arte del Banco de la República, Bogotá, 31 mars-26 juin 2017, Paris, Cnap, 2017, p. 116-117. 



Residency Stockholm

April 30 to June 30 2016

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The Family of the Invisibles

Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA), Séoul

05 avril • 29 mai 2016
Curators : Pascal Beausse,
Claire Jacquet, Magali Nachtergael

The Family of the Invisibles traces the history of the emergence of invisible figures and their demands for identity. From Walker Evans, Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson, William Klein and Diane Arbus to Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, Sophie Calle... The Family of the Invisibles brings these so-called "minority" figures to light so as to affirm the possibility of reconfiguring a politics of representation, which would ideally give a place to each member of the human community.
The Family of Invisible is based on the deconstruction carried out by Roland Barthes in Mythologies of the exhibition The Family of Man by Edward Steichen, presented at MoMA in 1955 before touring around the world.

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Danica Dakic - Safe frame III - 2012
Collection du Centre national des arts plastiques - FNAC 2015-0227
©Adagp, Paris

Video Screening / La ville au corps

Le Carreau du Temple Paris

14.04.2016 - 17.04.2016
curated by Jeanne Brun
et Jessica Castex

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Soudain... la neige

Maison d'Art Bernard Anthonioz
Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques

Novembre 2015 - 31 janvier 2016
Commissaire : Caroline Cournède

Philippe Durand, Mimosa Echard, Isabelle Giovacchini, Cécile Hartmann, Benjamin Hugard, Ilanit Illouz, Jonathan Martin, Valérie Sonnier, Thu Van Tran.

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Review Wall Street International http://www.wsimag.com/


Cécile Hartmann, Sediments & Lacunas, Wall Street, Hiroshima, 2014
Ensemble de 20 images en multiples, Impression numérique sur papier affiche, 90 x 150 cm
édition illimitée, Courtesy de l’artiste


Former bank of Japan Hiroshima Branch

Sept.19 - Oct.13 / 2015
Curated Yukiko Ito

Judith Cahen & Masayasu Egushi,
Cécile Hartmann, Hans von Houweligen, Ange Leccia, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Shuho .



Cécile Hartmann, Installation view Sediments & Lacunas, Wall street, Hiroshima, 2015 (detail)

EVA International 2014
Catalogue Launch

Contents of the AGITATIONISM catalogue include:

Bassam El Baroni "AGITATIONISM Cypher"
Amanda Beech "Treason without Guilt: An Alternative Realism"
Brian Kuan Wood "Is it Love"
Jean-François Lyotard "Ticket to a new Décor"

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Acquisitions - Centre National
des Arts Plastiques

Commission photographie et vidéo 2015

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Cécile Hartmann, ACHRONE, Vidéo fullHD sonore sans dialogue 12’, 2008 -2011

Pointligneplan and Japan
of the aesthetics
of perfection and chaos
in the Japanese archipelago

Thalie Art Fondation Brussels

Friday 22 May — Sunday 24 May 2015
CINEMA GALERIES 36 Galeries de la Reine 1000 Brussels

Screenings will be followed by discussions with the filmmakers. : http://www.thalieartfoundation.org/fr/projet-archive/pointligneplan-et-le-japon-films/

Wild-screen Scáil-Fhiáin

Inagh Valley-Conemara

Inagh Valley-conemara
7 & 8 March
Curated by Louise Manifold, Una Quigley and the Galway Art Center

A site-specific contemporary art screening taking place over two days at the Inagh Hatchery, a seculed modernist space set deep in the Inagh Valley of Connemara. Wild-screen will centre on the screening of artists films and an engagement with site through nature walks and a discursive platform.

Dorothy Cross, Michael Craig-Martin,
Aoife Desmond, Vivienne Dick,
Cecilia Danell, Margaret Fitzgibbon,
Tom Flanagan & Megs Morlay, Michael Fortune,
Cécile Hartmann, Werner Herzog,
Derek Jarman, Laida Lertxundi,
Peter Liechti, Louise Manifold,
Walker and Walker

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Werner Herzog, La souffrière, 1977


Musée Nicéphore Niépce


Bruno Serralongue, Luc Delahaye,
Cécile Hartmann, Pierre Faure, Philippe Durand, Claire Chevrier, Guillaume Janot



Cécile Hartmann, ACHRONE, Vidéo fullHD sonore sans dialogue 12’, 2008 -2011


Royal Institut of Art Stockholm

14 October 2014
Film Screening & Lecture

« My relation to architecture is most of the time based on a relationship with the ground.
 I wish the view to come from the ground, the camera digging the earth, pulling out materials, creates new landforms, substances and residues, making visible hidden geological strata across vast time periods which obscur our reading of modernity. »

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Cécile Hartmann, Installation view, KESOKU, Vidéo Dv sonore sans dialogue 9’, 2006


International Limerick Ireland's Biennial

12 April 2014 – 6 July 2014
curated by Bassam El Baroni
with work by over forty international artists.

AGITATIONISM simulates the sense of living under agitation while capturing how we are slowly adapting to a different perception of the world by working through our relationships with historical ideologies, post-colonial narratives, other beings (including animals), and speculations about the not-so-distant future.

more information www.eva.ie